Peace Park

Megami Bridge

Mt. Inasa

Nagasaki Peace Park, it is one of peace symbols in Nagasaki.

I love this place, because we can watch a lot of splendid scenes on this bridge.

Let's go here if you want to see beautiful night scene.

Warship Island

Urakami Cathedral

Oura Church

It is a mysterious island located in Nagasaki bay outside.

This is the church near Nagasaki Peace Park, it is also one of peace symbols in Nagasaki.

this is the most oldest modern church in Japan. Secret christians was discoveried here.

Dejima Island

Dragon Dance

Soul Ship

Once upon a time, the western culture enter Japan through this small island.

It's the main Dashimono pallade of Kunchi Festival in October.

It is a traditional festival opened in every August, but it is very popular with cracking fireworks.

Nagasaki Bay

Nagasaki seafoods

Holland Slope

You can relax if you walk around Nagasaki Bayside, Let's walk with me!

We can eat many tasty and reasonable seafoods in Nagasaki.

Holland slope is near Oura Church, you can watch many old archtectures on slope.
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