Bank account in Japan


If you live long in Japan, you will need first to bank account. And if you receive a salary in such part-time job, your bank account is often used, so it is very convenient for you to use the automatic withdrawal from the bank account to pay water, electricity and telephone fee.


There are many banks in Japan; don’t you hesitate to open any bank? Nationally famous bank in Japan is "Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ", and "Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation" is also famous.


However, these banks branches in the country is very low, there is no great advantage to open a personal account. Most recommended bank is "Japan Post Bank". They have branches anywhere in Japan, because the post office is predecessor.


City banks, regional banks and trust banks, including the credit union, there are now banks more than 400. And how we select banks in Japan?


It is recommended to open your account in a bank close to your home or there is a branch in the vicinity of the workplace. Because it is useful when you open account or advance other procedure about your account. You can use the internet banking on almost bank in Japan.


Items for opening


You need some items to open account in Japanese bank;


2.resident certification


The alien registration has been abolished since July of 2012; you cannot get the alien registration certification in municipal government office. All foreigners must advance the resident registration. If you stay more than 90 days in Japan, please advance the resident registration.


You need your chop




If foreigners open a bank account in Japan, they can find the bank to accept their sign to open it. But many banks need foreigner’s chop. And you get a chop in Japan.


If you have a chop, you can use it for the rental agreement for apartment. It is easy for you to make a chop in chop store in Japan.


You can open a bank account if you bring 3 items to the bank, and you must write your name in Katakana on the application. Please train writing it.

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Understand the culture


It would be easy for foreigners to live in Japan? Some foreigners accustomed early to live in Japan, they will love the Japan. But other foreigners won’t get used to life in Japan. What thing should they be careful for to continue living joyfully in Japan?


Many foreigners must first try to understand the culture and customs in Japan. Actually, they might feel strange customs in Japan at the first time.


For example, many foreigners are not accustomed to take a bath with strangers by naked in public bath or hot spring, but it is so normal for many Japanese people to do it.


You don’t get a feeling of strangeness to the normal thing for Japanese; please actively try to act such as Japanese people, so you can make many Japanese friends.


Enjoy in Japan


It is sure you are difficult to live in Japan if you don’t understand Japanese language. Some of the municipalities open the free class for foreigners who learn Japanese language, and there are many volunteer groups to teach them language in Japan.


You can learn Japanese language even if you don’t spend money to use each service, and you can make friends with other foreigners.


Many cities have places to help many foreigners start new life in Japan; you can go there if you have any difficult things. And you can internet anywhere in Japan; it is co convenient for you to communicate with your family in your hometown.


You must find out things you can enjoy yourself in Japan, so you won't feel the culture shock and stress to live.

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Challenge to colleges in Japan


Students advance the research and analysis with a specialized knowledge in colleges, and learn how to live in society. There is lots of the Faculty to learn the various fields professionally at colleges in Japan. The type and number of the Faculty is different by many colleges in Japan.


There is the specialized college to be able to further pursue and learn about specific areas at colleges in Japan. We introduce about such a specialized college here.


Medical College


The first is the Medical College for those who aim to the doctor; there is the training course to become a doctor in the Medical University in Japan, it is just place to advance the research, education and clinical about medicine.


There is some of the Faculty on medical such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. at the Medical College in Japan. It will take six years at a minimum to graduate from Medical Colleges in Japan.


Except the faculty of Dentistry to exist as one of the faculty in the College of Medicine, of course there is the Dental College to study professionally for the treatment of tooth in Japan. Students advance research and education related to dentistry to become people engaged in dentistry there. It takes a minimum of 6 years in order to complete the course at dental college in Japan.


Agricultural College


There is also Agricultural College if you want to learn professionally about of agriculture. In fact, Agricultural University in Japan is just only Tokyo University of Agriculture (commonly known as "Aggie").


Students advance the education and research in a wide range of fields related to agriculture such as agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, forestry, agricultural economics, etc. in the Agricultural College.


Other selection in Japan


It is very popular for those who want to learn the language especially to enter the foreign language college. The only National University of Foreign Studies in Japan is Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.


Many students start to work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or major banks with overseas branches after they graduate from this college.


There is the specialized college such as Art College, Technical College, and College of Social Welfare. And there is also Pharmacy College to learn professionally for pharmacy in Japan.


Watch your planning


Do you have any specialized colleges you want to learn in Japan? It is so difficult for you to graduate if you don’t take part in the class for 4yers or 6years diligently in any colleges.


It is important for you to choose a college that was matched by your hope and level to avoid frustrated during your learning.

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The University and junior university


Although the 6-year education in elementary school and the 3- year education in junior high school are compulsory education in Japan, a lot of students will continue learning in high school and college after completing the compulsory education.


Japanese university is usually a four-year, but there are national, public and private universities. There are also a short period University of the 2-year or of 3-year in Japan, it is called junior college.


Some types of the university


Students must pass the entrance examination in order to enter the University in Japan, but you can also enter by receiving the recommendation from the high school if you have a nice performance and conduct in your high school.


There are now more than 700 universities in Japan, 2/3 of them are the private university. The tuition of national universities and public universities is very cheap compared to the one of private university, but the level of the entrance examination is also high in national or public, so it is more difficult for many students to enter.


For the graduation


You need to get 124 units in four-year universities or 62 units in two-year junior colleges for the graduation in Japan. A lot of students don’t participate in class; they usually can get each unit if they reach the pass line in the test.


But it would be very difficult for him to graduate if the student doesn’t participate in classes in science and engineering undergraduate.


Students who want to become a school teacher must obtain units of curriculum in order to take the qualification of teacher’s license at universities in Japan.


"Circle" activities


It is important to study at university, but it is recommended that you try entering the "circle" in order to spend university fun. This "circle" is a club where people gathered to the activities of something.


Seniors of the school will start the solicitation of participation to the "circle" to freshman in most of the university after you have finished the entrance ceremony.


There are many "circles" of exercise clubs such as soccer, tennis, swimming, mountaineering, and judo club and liberal arts clubs such as tea ceremony, broadcasting, and photo, and please take part in your favorite "circle”. It is sure to have fun that you will have many Japanese friends and get good life information in your university.


There are a lot of schools where have a system to accept students from foreign country in the Japanese university. Foreigners that want to study some years at the University in Japan, please try to use this kind of system.

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Japanese smoker


They will be surprised if they know how much there are tobacco lovers in Japan after the foreigners came to Japan.


One person in two people had smoked a tobacco until about 20 years ago in Japan, but it says Japanese smokers became one in five by being known as harm of tobacco. Noticeable people are smoking a tobacco while walking or in the apartment veranda.


There are many movements that support the full non-smoking in public places; it is not yet officially recognized in the law of Japan. There is a "smoking area" for those who want to smoke in Japanese restaurants and the train home, airport, etc. So, you must smoke in the smoking area when you smoke a tobacco.


Non-smoking seat in Japan


You will be ask by the staff, "Is smoking seat or non-smoking seat?" when you enter the restaurant. Now many restaurants are divided neatly smokers and non-smoking seat, we can now comfortably meal at restaurant.


But if you are in a small restaurant, even if you are sitting in the non-smoking seat, you may ruin the fun meal by the tobacco smell. Because there is no seat of separated in most of the bars and taverns, and there are still a lot of places that smoke is filled.


There are now many non-smokers; it seems the smoking area in the station, airport and restaurants has become less. But there are still many smokers in Japan.


Japanese tobacco is so cheap


We can buy tobaccos simply in convenience stores and supermarkets, vending machines in Japan, and even though the price of cigarettes has gone up, is almost below 500 yen. Therefore, it is very cheap compared to other countries, and it is easy for many smokers to buy a lot tobaccos.


Recently, female smoking rates are very high in Japan, it maybe exceed male's in the future. Everyone if you smoke in Japan, smokers please have the manners. You must not smoke absolutely in the non-smoking area.


People who dislike smoking tobaccos must select non-smoking seat, and please spend comfortably as possible where there is no smoke.

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Prevent the Ebola


Ebola hemorrhagic fever is rampant in the world, but it is difficult to say the country is advancing the appropriate response. Although Ebola patient is not found in Japan, it seems the border measures for entry is not sufficient.


The epidemic of infectious disease is very low in Japan; Japanese people are very careless for preventive measures too. Thus, many Japanese people don’t know how to take any measures to prevent the Ebola.


Take a bath everyday


But a lot of foreigners feel the toilet of Japan is very clean when they come to Japan, and a lot of foreigners will know the excellence of sanitary conditions in Japan. We Japanese don’t take a special hygiene measures, but we prevent infectious diseases by keeping a daily basis clean.


As a result, serious infectious diseases don’t occur; the entire nation can maintain the health. Do you know that the Japanese take a bath every day? We Japanese extend the average life span by this action, and we hope you advance it if you have a chance to live in Japan sometime.


The Clean bathroom


Bathroom of Japan is very unique compared with those of overseas in many houses, because the toilet is separated from the bathtub to another room. Thus, bacteria in the toilet does not enter into the bathroom, we are always able to maintain a bathroom clean.


The bathrooms are simply not where removing the dirt for the Japanese, it is a space to relax the mind and body for Japanese too. It means Japanese maintain health in bathing.


The separate disposal of garbage


Recently, toilet is united with a bathroom in many Japanese hotels and apartments, because many hotels are very narrow in Japan. However, since a lot of Japanese people can be satisfied with the cleanliness, almost overseas tourists will be able to accept a clean level in Japanese hotels.


Japanese precede strictly the separate disposal of garbage in Japan; thus, we can save the cost of garbage incineration, and it is possible to prevent the occurrence of bacteria in our daily life.


The voluntary efforts


The hygiene level in the country depends on the level of the resident who lives in the country. Even if the country is committed to health improvement, all people living in the country must strive as well. The clean urban development is achieved by the voluntary efforts of residents.


If you want to more improve the sanitary conditions of hometown, please refer to the many things in travel in Japan

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The green tea contains caffeine


Do you know that Japanese people love the tea? Many foreigners believe that Japanese love to drink coffee, but recently, many Japanese people prefer to drink green tea. The green tea contains many nutrients, and makes increase the resistance of the body to drink every day.


Because people fat is not many in Japan, a lot of foreigners feel that Japanese tea is associated with the health of the Japanese. Green tea contain a lot of caffeine, the caffeine addiction will hit you if you drink too much green tea.


Don’t drink the green tea if you sleep


The green tea contains a lot of caffeine than coffee, but a lot of foreigners do not know this fact. Therefore, you must drink an appropriate amount if you drink green tea every day. It means that a large amount of green tea is bad for your health.


You can maintain ideal health if you drink the tea in a suitable amount every day. But you would be hard to sleep if you drink a cup of tea before going to bed. As a result you will quickly become a sleep disorder.


The green tea and sport drink


Because it is very hot in the summer, a lot of people will prefer to drink tea than water. It will be difficult to be thirsty by drink tea. However, it doesn’t mean that it is possible to reduce the fatigue of muscles. You must absorb the salt is in order to relax the muscle.


A lot of athletes don’t drink the tea while they play sports, because they can’t replenish the salt with a cup of tea. They drink a lot of sports drink instead of tea, and they will be careful not to cramp the legs in sport. But sports drinks contain a lot of sugar, reduces the ability to move if athletes drink too much more, so athletes must drink well of balance. Therefore, tea and sports drinks have their advantages.


Let’s buy grocery in Japan


Generally, Japanese green tea is famous as a drink, but it is used as the material of sweets. If you want to know the health of the Japanese people, you should focus on various uses of green tea. Also a lot of foreigners will put a lot of sugar in sweets. It is a very dangerous act to maintain the health for the Japanese.


It is first important for foreigners to reduce the sugar in the diet, and let's incorporate the Japanese green tea in daily diet. If you come to travel to Japan, let's buy a lot of Japanese food. They will help the improvement of your health.


Japanese food can be imported from Japan in the Internet, but it is very high price. But there are a lot of discount shops such as 100 yen shop in Japan; you can buy a very cheap Japanese food. Products sold at 100 yen shop in Japan, the quality is different from the overseas store.

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Shanghai Trip


Shanghai is the largest city in China, but you will be able to stay in a cheap hotel unexpectedly. If you want to live in cheap hotels, you can find since CNY 200 on Internet. However, it must be careful for you to choose a clean and cheap hotel.


In addition, water pressure is very low at the hotel in China; temperature of the hot water is sometimes up and down suddenly when you take a shower. So if you want to spend a pleasant time at the hotel in China, let's check the hotel as much as possible at the same price.


Do you like a massage? There are many cheap massage services anywhere in Shanghai. When your receive one each hour the service of foot massage and full body massage, you only pay about CNY 200. When many foreigners to arrive in Shanghai, they will go to a massage as soon as eat a meal.


China Risk


Many people are very interested on a trip to Shanghai, but many people feel a danger to Shanghai trip recently. Because the impact of PM2.5 is very serious in Shanghai, so many people worry about the health damage. PM2.5 is known to exacerbate lung disease; it will fly to Japan with yellow sand. Especially, Shanghai is located in Japan, so yellow sand flying from Shanghai is very troublesome, it plagues many Japanese.


The scale have increased every year for the yellow sand, the desertification in many provinces of China is one of a great cause. Therefore, many harmful substances are contained in the agricultural products imported from China. Many Japanese will hesitate to buy if you look at the Chinese display on the package of food.


Japan Safety


Japanese people love products made in Japan, in the automotive market, it is occupied by the Japanese car market share of majority with the exception of some Western manufacturers in particular. There is no opportunity to sell in the automotive market in Japan for car manufacturers in China and South Korea.


One of the reasons the Japanese love Japanese products, foreign many manufacturers do not meet the maintenance needs of Japanese. It means foreign many manufacturers can’t imitate the after-sales service of Japanese manufacturers, you can understand the meaning that I have to say if you live in Japan.

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Bank account in Japan


Do you want to open a bank account in Japan for the future? In fact, if you open a bank account in the Bank of Japan, it is necessary to stay in the regular visa (business, travel, study etc...) in Japan. In other words, you can’t open an account if you do not have a visa by reason of regular residence.


Open bank account in China


However, travelers can also open a bank account in China. As necessary to opening a bank account, you must provide the address of the hotel stay and passport. Even if you open a bank account in China safely, you can’t confirm the amount of your bank account. Therefore, you must apply to the online banking service in order to check the amount of your account at any time in your country.


There are two types of the bank account in China. One is that cash card and passbook is provided, other one is that only cash card is provided. It doesn’t matter whether you choose which one, but each bank always offers different services.


You can’t communicate by English at many banks in China, if you don’t speak Chinese; let's go to the bank with your Chinese friends. As a consequence, you will be able to open a bank account smoothly.


Merit of ATM card in China


If you use an ATM card of Bank of China, you can withdraw cash at ATM machine in the country directly in some countries. Of course, it is possible to withdraw cash at the currency of the country in which you live. Exchange rate of the previous day will be applied in that case.


1 RMB account maintenance fee per month will be charged to the bank account of China in general. However, it is not imposed if the deposit amount is very large. And the Chinese government will close the account at any time in the changing circumstances of the country. Therefore, it is not recommended that you leave a huge amount in a bank account.


Most of the Bank of China is state-owned, but there are also some of private banks. China merchants bank is the best one of China private banks. It is a private bank the first in China; it has many branches in local areas of China. China merchants bank is a bank of high trust from the Chinese. If you open a bank account in China, please select this bank account always.


How about Bank in Taiwan?


Anyone opened easily a bank account in Taiwan earlier; however, it has become difficult to open an account every year because of the Anti-Money Laundering now. Bank account in Taiwan will not be closed without special reason, it is no problem to deposit more funds.


Foreigners must have a unified certificate issue in order to open a bank account in Taiwan, this is a tax number required when foreigners advance their economic activities and business in Taiwan. In addition, foreigners must present the two kinds of identification; passport, and one is the identification to be commonly used in home country.

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Stay cheaper in Taiwan


Taiwan is my favorite international country. To keep it really cheap, eat fruit from street markets. For example, mango, mangosteen, durian, etc. There is the good friendly relation between Japan and Taiwan.


Many Japanese travel to Taiwan, and many Taiwanese love to travel to Japan too. There are many hotels for backpackers in Taiwan; it is possible that they will be staying fairly cheap. If you travel to Taiwan with only two people in particular, the cost will be considerably cheaper. Because the price is the same whether you stay for one or two in a room


Japanese culture in Taiwan


There was a time that had been ruled by Japan in the Pacific War before in Taiwan. Therefore, Japanese culture has been left in many cities in Taiwan; the elderly also speak Japanese in particular sometimes. And young person in Taiwan is interested in Japanese culture; many young people are studying the Japanese.


There are a lot of Japanese schools, many students to study on the weekend in Taiwan. It is possible to see the Japan Many TV programs in Taiwan, and Japanese subtitles is not used for the pronunciation auxiliary in NTV program; it is not convenient for many people in Taiwan to study Japanese while watching TV.


Taiwan different to China


Taiwanese culture is different from mainland China, but they communicate in Mandarin for business above basically. Chinese pronunciation of Taiwanese so very slowly, it is easy for the Japanese to study it. In addition, Chinese subtitles are used for the television program of Taiwan; it is very useful for Japanese who can understand Chinese characters to study it.


Some people have to teach Japanese in Taiwan in the Japanese, because Taiwan is because very livable for the Japanese. I have studied Chinese in Taiwan, and I was playing in the night market with local friends almost every weekend. It was a fun experience, and my Chinese was level up dramatically.


If you want to study Chinese, then I recommend learning in Taiwan by all means. Learning Chinese can be cheaper in China, but the quality of teachers and materials of Chinese are inferior to Taiwan. Let's go to Taiwan if you focus on both quality of life and learning,


High-level life quality


You can’t use YouTube and Facebook in China by information control, SNS services are available to all, and you don’t feel the stress in communication with the motherland in Taiwan. What do you need for you? It's quality time for learning exactly.


There is also a chance to interact with many Japanese if you live in Taiwan. It is possible to touch on a lot of Japanese culture in Taiwan; you will have an interest in Japanese in addition to Chinese. Also, a lot of Japanese books be sold in Taiwan, you will be surprised that Taiwanese are very interested in Japan.


If you don’t have much money you want to study abroad, please feel happiness in Taiwan travel. Taiwan will welcome you at any time.

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Hong Kong Election


Hong Kong has been authorized by the Chinese government to continue 50 years administrative system since 1997. However, emergency has happened in Hong Kong.


Regard to the election of the administrative zones chiefs to be carried out in 2017, the Chinese government has been virtually eliminated the candidate of the Democratic faction.


Hong Kong Consusion


Chinese government has almost lost the centripetal force. Therefore, it is important to show that it has the influence to Hong Kong for the Chinese government. Otherwise they will not be able to control the Chinese.


Chinese government is afraid that many people will cause confusion in the country out of control of Hong Kong. And many foreigners will worry that Hong Kong is going to leave this more confusing. Many Chinese from mainland China now have flowed indeed, social unrest and security has increased more than the reversion of Hong Kong before.


Not Chiense from the Mainland


However, it has no problem foreigners enjoy shopping and traveling in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people welcome that you will spend a good time there, and they hope that you like Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people want to tell you, it is that they are not a Chinese from China. They are proud of being born in Hong Kong, so they hate to be controlled by the Chinese government.


Hong Kong Freedom


It is so important for us foreigners to understand that Hong Kong people are very different from the Chinese from China. There is no democratic election in China mainland, and there is no freedom in the Chinese mainland.


Hong Kong people need help by many foreigners to keep their freedom, and let's continue to support Hong Kong in many ways. I will continue to tell to foreigners many differences of China and Hong Kong.


It is possible to understand that the Chinese government is now very impatient to by looking at the situation in Hong Kong.

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