What type of colleges in Japan?

What Type Of Colleges In Japan?

Challenge to colleges in Japan


Students advance the research and analysis with a specialized knowledge in colleges, and learn how to live in society. There is lots of the Faculty to learn the various fields professionally at colleges in Japan. The type and number of the Faculty is different by many colleges in Japan.


There is the specialized college to be able to further pursue and learn about specific areas at colleges in Japan. We introduce about such a specialized college here.


Medical College


The first is the Medical College for those who aim to the doctor; there is the training course to become a doctor in the Medical University in Japan, it is just place to advance the research, education and clinical about medicine.


There is some of the Faculty on medical such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. at the Medical College in Japan. It will take six years at a minimum to graduate from Medical Colleges in Japan.


Except the faculty of Dentistry to exist as one of the faculty in the College of Medicine, of course there is the Dental College to study professionally for the treatment of tooth in Japan. Students advance research and education related to dentistry to become people engaged in dentistry there. It takes a minimum of 6 years in order to complete the course at dental college in Japan.


Agricultural College


There is also Agricultural College if you want to learn professionally about of agriculture. In fact, Agricultural University in Japan is just only Tokyo University of Agriculture (commonly known as "Aggie").


Students advance the education and research in a wide range of fields related to agriculture such as agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, forestry, agricultural economics, etc. in the Agricultural College.


Other selection in Japan


It is very popular for those who want to learn the language especially to enter the foreign language college. The only National University of Foreign Studies in Japan is Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.


Many students start to work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or major banks with overseas branches after they graduate from this college.


There is the specialized college such as Art College, Technical College, and College of Social Welfare. And there is also Pharmacy College to learn professionally for pharmacy in Japan.


Watch your planning


Do you have any specialized colleges you want to learn in Japan? It is so difficult for you to graduate if you don’t take part in the class for 4yers or 6years diligently in any colleges.


It is important for you to choose a college that was matched by your hope and level to avoid frustrated during your learning.

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