Ebola And Health

Ebola And Health

Prevent the Ebola


Ebola hemorrhagic fever is rampant in the world, but it is difficult to say the country is advancing the appropriate response. Although Ebola patient is not found in Japan, it seems the border measures for entry is not sufficient.


The epidemic of infectious disease is very low in Japan; Japanese people are very careless for preventive measures too. Thus, many Japanese people don’t know how to take any measures to prevent the Ebola.


Take a bath everyday


But a lot of foreigners feel the toilet of Japan is very clean when they come to Japan, and a lot of foreigners will know the excellence of sanitary conditions in Japan. We Japanese don’t take a special hygiene measures, but we prevent infectious diseases by keeping a daily basis clean.


As a result, serious infectious diseases don’t occur; the entire nation can maintain the health. Do you know that the Japanese take a bath every day? We Japanese extend the average life span by this action, and we hope you advance it if you have a chance to live in Japan sometime.


The Clean bathroom


Bathroom of Japan is very unique compared with those of overseas in many houses, because the toilet is separated from the bathtub to another room. Thus, bacteria in the toilet does not enter into the bathroom, we are always able to maintain a bathroom clean.


The bathrooms are simply not where removing the dirt for the Japanese, it is a space to relax the mind and body for Japanese too. It means Japanese maintain health in bathing.


The separate disposal of garbage


Recently, toilet is united with a bathroom in many Japanese hotels and apartments, because many hotels are very narrow in Japan. However, since a lot of Japanese people can be satisfied with the cleanliness, almost overseas tourists will be able to accept a clean level in Japanese hotels.


Japanese precede strictly the separate disposal of garbage in Japan; thus, we can save the cost of garbage incineration, and it is possible to prevent the occurrence of bacteria in our daily life.


The voluntary efforts


The hygiene level in the country depends on the level of the resident who lives in the country. Even if the country is committed to health improvement, all people living in the country must strive as well. The clean urban development is achieved by the voluntary efforts of residents.


If you want to more improve the sanitary conditions of hometown, please refer to the many things in travel in Japan

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