Hong Kong Crisis

Hong Kong Crisis

Hong Kong Election


Hong Kong has been authorized by the Chinese government to continue 50 years administrative system since 1997. However, emergency has happened in Hong Kong.


Regard to the election of the administrative zones chiefs to be carried out in 2017, the Chinese government has been virtually eliminated the candidate of the Democratic faction.


Hong Kong Consusion


Chinese government has almost lost the centripetal force. Therefore, it is important to show that it has the influence to Hong Kong for the Chinese government. Otherwise they will not be able to control the Chinese.


Chinese government is afraid that many people will cause confusion in the country out of control of Hong Kong. And many foreigners will worry that Hong Kong is going to leave this more confusing. Many Chinese from mainland China now have flowed indeed, social unrest and security has increased more than the reversion of Hong Kong before.


Not Chiense from the Mainland


However, it has no problem foreigners enjoy shopping and traveling in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people welcome that you will spend a good time there, and they hope that you like Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people want to tell you, it is that they are not a Chinese from China. They are proud of being born in Hong Kong, so they hate to be controlled by the Chinese government.


Hong Kong Freedom


It is so important for us foreigners to understand that Hong Kong people are very different from the Chinese from China. There is no democratic election in China mainland, and there is no freedom in the Chinese mainland.


Hong Kong people need help by many foreigners to keep their freedom, and let's continue to support Hong Kong in many ways. I will continue to tell to foreigners many differences of China and Hong Kong.


It is possible to understand that the Chinese government is now very impatient to by looking at the situation in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Crisis

Hong Kong ElectionHong Kong has been authorized by the Chinese government to continue 50 years administrative system since 1997. However, emergency ha...




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