How Do You Live In Japan?

How Do You Live In Japan?

Understand the culture


It would be easy for foreigners to live in Japan? Some foreigners accustomed early to live in Japan, they will love the Japan. But other foreigners won’t get used to life in Japan. What thing should they be careful for to continue living joyfully in Japan?


Many foreigners must first try to understand the culture and customs in Japan. Actually, they might feel strange customs in Japan at the first time.


For example, many foreigners are not accustomed to take a bath with strangers by naked in public bath or hot spring, but it is so normal for many Japanese people to do it.


You don’t get a feeling of strangeness to the normal thing for Japanese; please actively try to act such as Japanese people, so you can make many Japanese friends.


Enjoy in Japan


It is sure you are difficult to live in Japan if you don’t understand Japanese language. Some of the municipalities open the free class for foreigners who learn Japanese language, and there are many volunteer groups to teach them language in Japan.


You can learn Japanese language even if you don’t spend money to use each service, and you can make friends with other foreigners.


Many cities have places to help many foreigners start new life in Japan; you can go there if you have any difficult things. And you can internet anywhere in Japan; it is co convenient for you to communicate with your family in your hometown.


You must find out things you can enjoy yourself in Japan, so you won't feel the culture shock and stress to live.

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