Japanese Tobacco Smoker

Japanese Tobacco Smoker

Japanese smoker


They will be surprised if they know how much there are tobacco lovers in Japan after the foreigners came to Japan.


One person in two people had smoked a tobacco until about 20 years ago in Japan, but it says Japanese smokers became one in five by being known as harm of tobacco. Noticeable people are smoking a tobacco while walking or in the apartment veranda.


There are many movements that support the full non-smoking in public places; it is not yet officially recognized in the law of Japan. There is a "smoking area" for those who want to smoke in Japanese restaurants and the train home, airport, etc. So, you must smoke in the smoking area when you smoke a tobacco.


Non-smoking seat in Japan


You will be ask by the staff, "Is smoking seat or non-smoking seat?" when you enter the restaurant. Now many restaurants are divided neatly smokers and non-smoking seat, we can now comfortably meal at restaurant.


But if you are in a small restaurant, even if you are sitting in the non-smoking seat, you may ruin the fun meal by the tobacco smell. Because there is no seat of separated in most of the bars and taverns, and there are still a lot of places that smoke is filled.


There are now many non-smokers; it seems the smoking area in the station, airport and restaurants has become less. But there are still many smokers in Japan.


Japanese tobacco is so cheap


We can buy tobaccos simply in convenience stores and supermarkets, vending machines in Japan, and even though the price of cigarettes has gone up, is almost below 500 yen. Therefore, it is very cheap compared to other countries, and it is easy for many smokers to buy a lot tobaccos.


Recently, female smoking rates are very high in Japan, it maybe exceed male's in the future. Everyone if you smoke in Japan, smokers please have the manners. You must not smoke absolutely in the non-smoking area.


People who dislike smoking tobaccos must select non-smoking seat, and please spend comfortably as possible where there is no smoke.

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Japanese Tobacco Smoker

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