Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

The green tea contains caffeine


Do you know that Japanese people love the tea? Many foreigners believe that Japanese love to drink coffee, but recently, many Japanese people prefer to drink green tea. The green tea contains many nutrients, and makes increase the resistance of the body to drink every day.


Because people fat is not many in Japan, a lot of foreigners feel that Japanese tea is associated with the health of the Japanese. Green tea contain a lot of caffeine, the caffeine addiction will hit you if you drink too much green tea.


Don’t drink the green tea if you sleep


The green tea contains a lot of caffeine than coffee, but a lot of foreigners do not know this fact. Therefore, you must drink an appropriate amount if you drink green tea every day. It means that a large amount of green tea is bad for your health.


You can maintain ideal health if you drink the tea in a suitable amount every day. But you would be hard to sleep if you drink a cup of tea before going to bed. As a result you will quickly become a sleep disorder.


The green tea and sport drink


Because it is very hot in the summer, a lot of people will prefer to drink tea than water. It will be difficult to be thirsty by drink tea. However, it doesn’t mean that it is possible to reduce the fatigue of muscles. You must absorb the salt is in order to relax the muscle.


A lot of athletes don’t drink the tea while they play sports, because they can’t replenish the salt with a cup of tea. They drink a lot of sports drink instead of tea, and they will be careful not to cramp the legs in sport. But sports drinks contain a lot of sugar, reduces the ability to move if athletes drink too much more, so athletes must drink well of balance. Therefore, tea and sports drinks have their advantages.


Let’s buy grocery in Japan


Generally, Japanese green tea is famous as a drink, but it is used as the material of sweets. If you want to know the health of the Japanese people, you should focus on various uses of green tea. Also a lot of foreigners will put a lot of sugar in sweets. It is a very dangerous act to maintain the health for the Japanese.


It is first important for foreigners to reduce the sugar in the diet, and let's incorporate the Japanese green tea in daily diet. If you come to travel to Japan, let's buy a lot of Japanese food. They will help the improvement of your health.


Japanese food can be imported from Japan in the Internet, but it is very high price. But there are a lot of discount shops such as 100 yen shop in Japan; you can buy a very cheap Japanese food. Products sold at 100 yen shop in Japan, the quality is different from the overseas store.

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Japanese Green Tea

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