Quality And Air Pollution

Quality And Air Pollution

Shanghai Trip


Shanghai is the largest city in China, but you will be able to stay in a cheap hotel unexpectedly. If you want to live in cheap hotels, you can find since CNY 200 on Internet. However, it must be careful for you to choose a clean and cheap hotel.


In addition, water pressure is very low at the hotel in China; temperature of the hot water is sometimes up and down suddenly when you take a shower. So if you want to spend a pleasant time at the hotel in China, let's check the hotel as much as possible at the same price.


Do you like a massage? There are many cheap massage services anywhere in Shanghai. When your receive one each hour the service of foot massage and full body massage, you only pay about CNY 200. When many foreigners to arrive in Shanghai, they will go to a massage as soon as eat a meal.


China Risk


Many people are very interested on a trip to Shanghai, but many people feel a danger to Shanghai trip recently. Because the impact of PM2.5 is very serious in Shanghai, so many people worry about the health damage. PM2.5 is known to exacerbate lung disease; it will fly to Japan with yellow sand. Especially, Shanghai is located in Japan, so yellow sand flying from Shanghai is very troublesome, it plagues many Japanese.


The scale have increased every year for the yellow sand, the desertification in many provinces of China is one of a great cause. Therefore, many harmful substances are contained in the agricultural products imported from China. Many Japanese will hesitate to buy if you look at the Chinese display on the package of food.


Japan Safety


Japanese people love products made in Japan, in the automotive market, it is occupied by the Japanese car market share of majority with the exception of some Western manufacturers in particular. There is no opportunity to sell in the automotive market in Japan for car manufacturers in China and South Korea.


One of the reasons the Japanese love Japanese products, foreign many manufacturers do not meet the maintenance needs of Japanese. It means foreign many manufacturers can’t imitate the after-sales service of Japanese manufacturers, you can understand the meaning that I have to say if you live in Japan.

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Quality And Air Pollution

Shanghai TripShanghai is the largest city in China, but you will be able to stay in a cheap hotel unexpectedly. If you want to live in cheap hotels, y...



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