Stay cheaper in Taiwan

Taiwan Culture

Stay cheaper in Taiwan


Taiwan is my favorite international country. To keep it really cheap, eat fruit from street markets. For example, mango, mangosteen, durian, etc. There is the good friendly relation between Japan and Taiwan.


Many Japanese travel to Taiwan, and many Taiwanese love to travel to Japan too. There are many hotels for backpackers in Taiwan; it is possible that they will be staying fairly cheap. If you travel to Taiwan with only two people in particular, the cost will be considerably cheaper. Because the price is the same whether you stay for one or two in a room


Japanese culture in Taiwan


There was a time that had been ruled by Japan in the Pacific War before in Taiwan. Therefore, Japanese culture has been left in many cities in Taiwan; the elderly also speak Japanese in particular sometimes. And young person in Taiwan is interested in Japanese culture; many young people are studying the Japanese.


There are a lot of Japanese schools, many students to study on the weekend in Taiwan. It is possible to see the Japan Many TV programs in Taiwan, and Japanese subtitles is not used for the pronunciation auxiliary in NTV program; it is not convenient for many people in Taiwan to study Japanese while watching TV.


Taiwan different to China


Taiwanese culture is different from mainland China, but they communicate in Mandarin for business above basically. Chinese pronunciation of Taiwanese so very slowly, it is easy for the Japanese to study it. In addition, Chinese subtitles are used for the television program of Taiwan; it is very useful for Japanese who can understand Chinese characters to study it.


Some people have to teach Japanese in Taiwan in the Japanese, because Taiwan is because very livable for the Japanese. I have studied Chinese in Taiwan, and I was playing in the night market with local friends almost every weekend. It was a fun experience, and my Chinese was level up dramatically.


If you want to study Chinese, then I recommend learning in Taiwan by all means. Learning Chinese can be cheaper in China, but the quality of teachers and materials of Chinese are inferior to Taiwan. Let's go to Taiwan if you focus on both quality of life and learning,


High-level life quality


You can’t use YouTube and Facebook in China by information control, SNS services are available to all, and you don’t feel the stress in communication with the motherland in Taiwan. What do you need for you? It's quality time for learning exactly.


There is also a chance to interact with many Japanese if you live in Taiwan. It is possible to touch on a lot of Japanese culture in Taiwan; you will have an interest in Japanese in addition to Chinese. Also, a lot of Japanese books be sold in Taiwan, you will be surprised that Taiwanese are very interested in Japan.


If you don’t have much money you want to study abroad, please feel happiness in Taiwan travel. Taiwan will welcome you at any time.

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