It is a small bridge called Kabashima Bridge, which located in the south area of Nagasaki city.


Some people advance fishing on the pavement of this bridge, but formally prohibit fishing here.


The eldery almost have no license to drive a car in this island, they take a bus to go to city area. It is so important for them.


The sunset view through Kabashima bridge, it is also splendid.

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Ikitusuki Island is neaxt to Hirado Island, Hirado bridge is red-colored one, but Ikituki bridge is blue-colored one.


There are a marathon festival every year in Ikitsuki island, many athletes run through this bridge in the festival.


We can eat a fish soup noodle in Ikitsuki island, let's go to eat the noodle through this bridge.


It is windy under the bridge, the wind can generate the whirlpool.


The curving of the bridge is so special, it is difficult to the shape of other normal bridge.


The photo from upside, we can watch three big wind fans to generate electricity there.

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Iohjima Island is located in Nagasaki bay outside, we went to this island on ship until Iohjima bridge had completed


It is the newest bridge of Nagasaki prefecture in 2013 present, many Nagasaki people can drive directly by own car.


There is no dust on the bridge, all are new and clean.


There are the sky-blued sea under the bridge.


We can watch the shape from the road on Megami Bridge.


I feel we prefer walking than driving on the bridge, we should first park my car in other place, and advane walking on the bridge again.


We can walk together if you come to Nagasaki!!!

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Oshima Bridge is located in the west of Nagasaki prefecture, it is a smart bridge.


There are some shipbuilding factories in Oshima Island, the white-colored bridge is very beautiful across the sea.


There was a ferry shipping service from Oshima island to Ngasaki main ground area unti this bridge had completed.


Now we can go to Ohima island by car anytime, it is joyful to drive here.


The photo from the parking area of Oshima island, I love white bridge.

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Megami bridge is crossing Nagasaki bay entrance from the east to the west, so it is very important for Nagasaki people.


I take a photo from the parking area of Megami bridge, it is written that this bride is made by the gasolin tax.


There is nice scene under the bridge, many people are jogging and walking on this bridge.


It is a little windy, everybody must powerfully keep walking, so we can advance training on the bridge.


It spends long time to stay here under nice weather, it is more joyful.


This is the photo from the sky, many ships through under the bridge.


The night view which lit up under the bridge is so wonderful in the sunset time.


The night view is also excellent fron the Mt, Inasa.


This is my favorite in Nagasaki bridges

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