Hirado Bridge



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Megami bridge

Megami bridge is crossing Nagasaki bay entrance from the east to the west, so it is very important for Nagasaki people.I take a photo from the parking...



Iohjima bridge

Iohjima Island is located in Nagasaki bay outside, we went to this island on ship until Iohjima bridge had completedIt is the newest bridge of Nagasak...



Oshima bridge

Oshima Bridge is located in the west of Nagasaki prefecture, it is a smart bridge.There are some shipbuilding factories in Oshima Island, the white-co...



Ikitsuki bridge

Ikitusuki Island is neaxt to Hirado Island, Hirado bridge is red-colored one, but Ikituki bridge is blue-colored one.There are a marathon festival eve...



Kabashima bridge

It is a small bridge called Kabashima Bridge, which located in the south area of Nagasaki city.Some people advance fishing on the pavement of this bri...




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