China town

The Nagasaki "Shinchi" area is one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan as well as Yokohama and Kobe. It reclaimed land from the sea in order to build the warehouse of the trade goods from China in the middle of the Edo period.


The crossroads of Chinatown is the stone pavement made by cooperation of Fujian Province government with the sister city affiliation of Nagasaki.


Now, about 40 stores, such as a Chinese restaurant, the China confectionery, the China miscellaneous goods, are standing side by side.
Although a scale is small compared with Chinatown in Yokohama, it is very historied Chinatown.


There are many Fujian native persons among Nagasaki older-generation overseas Chinese, and they made this Chinatown. It is the favor of the direct flight from Shanghai, and there are also many Chinese who live in Nagasaki by studying abroad or employment.


Moreover, "Nagasaki lantern festival" which is one of the events of winter of Nagasaki is held centering on this Chinatown every year.

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