It is Oura church near Glover garden in Higashiyamate area, Nagasaki city.


This church was built in the last season of Edo era.


It is the church built on the hill in the coutryside, It would look so beautiful.


Japanese was controled to believe Jesus Christ by the government, but a father of this church discoveried many christians have still been alive in Japan after a christian came to this church.


This a photo taken through architecture from outside in Higashiyaamte area.


Please come to this church!!!

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Urakami cathedral is near Nagasaki peace park, and it's near my home.


It is the shape before 1945.


This is the photo taken from outside.


It was destroyed by the atomic bomb of USA in 1945.


It was restructed in other place after 1945. This is a monotoned photo.


The upper photo was taken before 1980.


It was restructed again in 1980, for Pope John Paul II coming to this church in 1981.


This is the statue of Pope John Paul II in front of the church.


This church is one of peace symbols in Nagasaki too.

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