Dejima Island

Once upon a time, Japanese government advance importing from only two countries in the Edo era, one is Holland, other is China.


Dejima island was filled up as the resident and importing area of Holland people.


Some Holland people was living in Dejima island for importing from their home ground, they have restrictions to exit from here, it looks it was inconvenient to live for a long time.


Dejima island was originally the shape of the lozenge, but was filled up at the last of Edo era.


It already didn't have the perfect lozenge shape in this photo, but we can recognize this was Dejima island.


The time can never play back, but we imagine the Dejima life in this time.


This photo is a old gate which can enter island, it is very nostalgic!


Dejima island have been strated to restore to the original state, but is not finished yet now.

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