The upper photograph is "dragon dance" in one of the features of big event" Nagasaki Festival" of autumn of Nagasaki.


This Nagasaki Festival started at the Edo period and performing "dashimono" the dedication dance in the front of a shrine. Traditional "dance town" performs this "dashimono." The major thing in "dashimonoe" is "dragon dance" in the upper photograph. This "dragon dance" is one of the culture which has descended from China.


"Nagasaki Festival" is held from October 7 to the 9th every year. It is crowded with many tourists every year.


"Nagasaki Festival" has many "dashimono" besides "dragon dance." The upper photograph is famous drum mikoshi "kokkodesho". There is only one "dance town" which performs this "kokkodesho", we can watch the performance once only in seven years.


The hall which performs "dashimono" first is Suwa Jinja in Nagasaki. (The upper two photograph are also performance in Suwa Jinja)


The Nagasaki lantern festival is an event of winter, which held every year in Chinese New Year. Almost events are performed centering on Minato park near Nagasaki Chinatown.


Nagasaki Chinatown also has many older-generation overseas Chinese, and since Confucius's Mausoleum is also located in the neighborhood, the scale of the event is more and more large every year. The Nagasaki lantern festival started since 1994. Although the older-generation overseas Chinese of Nagasaki Chinatown were celebrating Chinese New Year, it developed as a big event of Nagasaki now.


Chinatown is also decorated with a lantern centering on Minato park. This festival calls "Nagasaki lantern festival" which celebrates Chinese New Year.


Since red is a lucky color in China, almost all lanterns are made in red.

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