The Edo Shogunate forbade in old Japan trade with a foreign country with Christianity suppression since 1641 (except for China and the Netherlands). Nagasaki was the only harbor where the international trade was allowed. (Skip to Dejima) . Nagasaki is a government controlled area of the Edo Shogunate those days, and managed trade with a foreign country directly.

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Once upon a time, many scholars in all Japan gathered to Nagasaki to learn Dutch studies. Especially Western medicine was taught by Siebold's "Narutaki college", and many Japanese doctors were born from this school.


There are also many Chinese older-generation overseas Chinese, many festivals with the strong China color are held in Nagasaki. After they come to Nagasaki since Since the Edo period, Chinatown with a long history is formed in Nagasaki now. Their formal languange is Japanese only.


The shipbuilding industry began to progress from the Edo period last stage. Shipbuilding started to serve as important industry of Nagasaki from Meiji period first stage.


Among the Pacific War, in Nagasaki the atomic bomb was dropped by the United States in 1945, Nagasaki continue advancing as a peace city after the war.


Nagasaki has very many Christians. There are also many examples to which the Catholic invited the tragic end by suppression of a government especially in the Edo period.


There are much marine resource in Nagasaki, we eat many marine products everyday.


Please come for play to historical city Nagasaki.

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