Nagasaki bay was the only place, which can trade to foreign country, and many ships are entering here.


Nagasaki have many islands, there are many shippings to those islands. The green colored ferry go to "Goto island".


The big ship are parking at bayside this day. I don't know where this large ship come from, but it is so happy to watch such a large ship here.


It is much larger than the green colored ferry,


It appears The green car ferry come to my place, I take a photo on Megami bridge.


It is not such a new ship, but he goes to "Goto island"everyday. I think he works well.


This ferry is called "Ferry Nagasaki", it is write on the front of his white wall


The small speed ship is entering bay, it is coming from " Goto island".


This speedy shipping is so convenient for people living in island area of Nagasaki.


In Nagasaki bay outside, we can watch the car ferry from " Goto" island.


Nagasaki bay outside is very climate, this pic is from " Kaminoshima" area located in the west area of Nagasaki city.


We can see the gas ship parking in the back of the car ferry.


The green colored car ferry are crossing a small working ship on bay.


Other small ship is entering bay, it appears red colored ship coming.


This small special ship runs around "Warship island", which is so pupular as the sightseeing place of Nagasaki.


The sunset in Nagasaki bay, it is very slplendid.


Please watch this scene if you come to Nagasaki.

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