Fuchi Shinto shrine is located in the bottom of Mt. Inasa. There is a tram station to the top of Mt. Inasa naxt to this small shrine.

Many guests come to Nagasaki go up to Mt. Inasa, so almost people through this shrine to ride the tram. But there is no large parking area in this shrine, so we reccomend you use the public traffic tool (bus, taxi....etc)


Masaharu Fukuyama home town in Nagasaki is near this shrine, so many fans come to this shrine.

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There are many high places in Nagasaki, the view is so wonderful in some place.

Mt. Nabekanmuri is locted in the south middle area in Nagasaki city, many guests go there to watch the good view.


There is a park in the top of Mt. Nabekanmuri, the route to the park is very narrow.


This is the night view from Mt. nabekanmuri, but you want to watch the night view in Nagasaki city, I recommend you go to Mt, Inasa. I introduce next time here.


You have no car to go? It's no problem! you come to Nagasaki, I will take you there. Please contact me anytime.

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Nagasaki main railway line have a limited express between Nagasaki station at Nagasaki and Hakata station at Fukuoka pref, it is call 'Seagull'.

Express 'Seagull' has a few versions, but I love one of them, this is the white-colore one. Nagasaki city is the baycity, the seagull is like a symbolic item for Nagasaki city.

Express 'Seagull' had a red-colored type, I don't know why it colored red, but its impression is very vivid.

And Express 'Seagull' have black-colored one too, White and black colored 'Seagull' continue running everyday.



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There is a place called “Woman castle” area, it is not any special area, which is a silent resident town. A bus stop in the town is called “Woman castle entrance”, this is the photo.


Of course I don’t know why this area is called “ Woman castle”, I think it is so funny name now after I grew up.

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It takes a little more time for completing my websites, but I will write my column eavryday.


It is so busy for me to get ready to open my company and help my mum for completing home work, but I am happier than when I have been in China.


Everybody, please don't cath cold!

more≫ 2013/04/14 20:15:14

I got very healthy since I came back to Japan. Though my skin still get a little rough, it will get better after one more month.


It is not cold but a little windy recently in Nagasaki, I don't catch cold.



I am taking a photo in front of my car at parking space under my home.


I am so glad I am in Japan now, so I hope to work for my hometown.

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