Nagasaki fish market

Nagasaki seafoods

This is Nagasaki fish market in Nagasaki city, there are many seafood resources in Nagasaki, wholesales of many fishes are advanced here everyday.


There is a bus stop here, but it is a little far from city area, many retail store of seafoods are located by this wholesales market side.


The auction is advanced by many retailers every early morning here. Though Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is the most large market in Japan, many fishes sold in Tsukiji is sent from Nagasaki.


Many types of fishes can be caught in Nagasaki, so those fishes are sold more reasonably than fishes sold in Tsukiji.


This is "Kamaboko"the cured and scraped meat of fish. some kids don't like to eat fish,but they can eat it.


Some Kamaboko is special it is the shape of carp.


This is the peach Kamaboko, it is sent to guests or friends when female children was born in a family.

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