Night Scene


The upper photographs are the night views of the Nagasaki street seen from famous "Mt. Inasa." This night view is called "night view of 10 million dollars", is also one of the three major night views of Japan.


The night view of Nagasaki looks beautiful because the streets have many streetlights. There are many thin ways in Nagasaki, it is very hard for us to walk if there is no streetlight at night. These streetlights are just coloring the night view of Nagasaki beautifully.


A upper photograph is a night view of the Nagasaki harbor seen from southern Nagasaki.


You can enjoy various night views at various places, this is one of the charm of Nagasaki. A night view in the evening like the upper photograph is also very beautiful.


Nagasaki is a town with very many hills, and the tourist hotel also stands in the top or middle of the mountain in many cases. Many hotels make this night view as special feature.


New night view spot was made in Nagasaki recently.


This bridge is called "Megami Bridge", which is crossing the Nagasaki harbor from east and west.


Traffic jam started every morning in the city area, and since radical solution was required, this bridge was constructed.


Since passing became possible and only several years have passed, the present passing is a charge. However, this big bridge became the spot of a new night view.


The parking lot for sightseeing persons is established in both the sides of the bridge, and they can park a car and can walk now on a bridge on foot.


A right photograph is a night view of "Megami Bridge "which saw from "Mt. Inasa."


This bridge also looks much more beautiful to have seen from this "Mt. Inasa."


Please enjoy this night view in the case of your travel of Nagasaki.


If you wanna watch these bridgemuch more, please link to Beautiful bridge page

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