Atomic bomb" Fat Man" was dropped by the United States in Nagasaki at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945.


Although victims who exceeds 70,000 was sacrificed at the time of dropping, Nagasaki is continuing sending the message of peace all over the world as a peace city.


This atomic bomb" Fat Man" is using the plutonium just discovered those days, and supposing the geographical feature of Nagasaki is not a basin, it will be said that that damage was still more frightful.


The Nagasaki peace park is a park built by the wish to global peace, and is located in the north side of the center of atomic bomb fall.


"The spring of peace" is located a public inside a garden, and the account of a hand of the girl who walked in quest of water at the time of disaster is minced by the near monument of the spring. Moreover, many objects of the peace presented from every country in the world are placed, and it has become a symbol zone in Nagasaki which wishes world permanent peace.


The bronze statue which stands in the center of a park is 9.7m30t in weight in height. The right hand which points out heavens expresses the threat of an atomic bomb, and the left hand lengthened horizontally expresses peace.

It is said that the figure in which the bronze statue closed eyes expresses signs that people pray for an A-bomb victim's bliss.


The peace memorial ceremony of about 75,000 people who passed away by the atomic bomb are held on August 9 every year.

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