This movie is called 'Teacher', it was produced in 1983.


This movie is a teacher tragedy, a young female teacher transferd to a schoo, get sick for the atomic bomb influence in her childhood.


Her healthy is worth and worth day by day. When she is dead, she says to children, the atomic bomb is still not over now.

This is Nagasaki atomic bomb memorial, you can recognize the atomic bomb is very terrible.

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Many movies was taken in Nagasaki, I will introduce good one here. It calls 'Pre-honey moon travel the comedy'. this movie was produced in 1970, you can watch old Nagasaki scene, and we cannot watch many old scene here now .

the main actor name of This movie is 'Frankie Sakai', is just with black glass. Thogh he died in 1996, many japanese people remeber him as a great japanese comedy movie actor.


This is other clip about this movie.


I love a good scene in this movie, which it's a scene they eat Chanpon. I will introduce many movies about Nagasaki next time.

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Milk Shake is a famous 'food' in Naggasaki, in general many japanese recognize it's a drink, but It's not a drink!!

There is a local idol group calls 'Milk Shake', they is not as good as AKB48, but it feels kindly, because their name is Nagasaki people beloved 'Milk Shake'.


They usally work as normal people in Nagasaki, but They advance their entertainment activity on every weekend.





Yes, they are not the professional artiste, but you can know how about Nagasaki girls by them. they are so cute.


If you come to Nagasaki, please check a sweety group like milk shake!



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Masaharu Fukuyama was born in 1968 at Nagasaki, he has been the top artiste in Japan after he started his music activity in Tokyo since 1990.


this is a MV when he was young, it has a little different impression to the present one.


He have declaired he is one of 2nd gereration of atomic bomb victims on his radio program, his father is just an atomic bomb victim. yes me too. my grand mama is an atomic bomb victim, I am one of 3nd generation of them.

It's so normal in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but we keep our city as a beautiful place, the problem is that many japanese people still don't know why the atomic bomb is horrible, I hope many people know it through Fukuyama's activity for own family.

This is one of his songs, 'The sunflower', you can listen to this song in the hall of Nagasaki airport too.

'To be Family'

This is the clip he opened his live at Mt. Inasa of Nagasaki in 2009. Many people came to Nagasaki this year.

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Raizo Ichikawa is just one of my favorite, he was born in 1931, but his life ended in 1969.
He is not completedly related to Nagasaki, but he is my favorite. I will continue introducing him next time.

He is originally from Japanese traditional 'Kabuki' dance field, but he was not star as Kabuki player.

After he converted to the movie star, his activity was unbelievable.

'Kyoshiro who Raizo played use ''Full moon sword crush' ,is just so attractive. It spent 45 years after he had died, he continues living in movie screen.

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Harada Tomoyo is a actress born in 1968 at Nagasaki, she strated her entertainment life since 1982.

She have been the star in this 'The girl's time travlor' movie in 1983.

'Love story' in 1985

Tjis is the recent clip of her.

She is playing the minor roll in the TV drama or movie recenlty, but she still stay alive on the entertainment field now.

She still stays young. it's good looking!!

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